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Build UP YOUR Marketing Assets

Your Website
Your Blog
Your Facebook Fan Page
Your LinkedIn Profile Page
Your Twitter Account

Link UP YOUR Marketing Assets

Social Media
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Power Up it all with EDGE Technology

Social Media Communication Hub
Client and Prospect Management System and CRM
Automate Newsletter with Your picture, logo and contact information
Email Auto-Response messaging immediately and seamlessly
Real-Time Prospect delivery to your email
Measureable Analytics performance ratios
99.9% email delivery system
Direct mail and email lists

Spiral UP with Marketing Automation

Need based messaging delivered via Emails, Social Media, Google AD, Blog, Newsletter
Data capture Landing Page with qualifier questions
Capture receiver contact information
Qualify based on need and request
Verify prospect
Measure the efficiency or quality of the landing page with analytics
Connections for Your Blog and Facebook Fan Page
Combine text, images and links to establish a dialog with Prospects and Clients.
Advertise Blog/post industry articles 2 to 3 times a week
Gather feedback from your social network, build a presence, test new ideas, receive feedback
Create list of trends, hot topics and ideas
Answer questions you have received
Share relevant experiences from events, your experience or other professionals
Communication Hub for Your Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
Attract people to your practice with interesting information
Allow or requesting feedback to engage them in your activities
Link videos and podcast on/through your Facebook Fan Page or Blog
Track your brand and hot topics

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