Getting started


When getting started with EDGE you will be individually assigned to one of our highly-trained marketing specialists to assist you with your EDGE implementation including campaign execution from start to finish!

You need to take the first step and build your EDGE Profile Page

EDGE’s team sets up each new customer’s profile page and also provides the marketing specialist with specific SEO tracking code for the customer’s profile page. They will link your profile page, FaceBook Account, Twitter Account and LinkedIn Account to ensure your marketing efforts are integrated at all times. You will need a current picture of yourself, a logo for your company and all your social media addresses. Your marketing specialist will set up an email template personalized for you. You will receive your own login and password to managing your database.

Welcome to EDGE!

After your EDGE Profile Page is ready to go, you will receive an email from your assigned marketing specialist welcoming you to EDGE and preparing you for implementation training.

Complete System Training

Your EDGE marketing specialist will set up a series of calls to train you on the different types of functionality that our system has to offer.

>> Training Guides: To navigate you through the entire EDGE system showing you the various capabilities that are available to you.

>> Quick Start Guides:Use these guides to play around in our system and get familiar with our functionality.

1. Online – Email, Social Media & Newsletters Guide

2. Offline Event – Seminars, Tradeshow & Event Guide

3. Lead Management Guide

Help with First Campaign

Your EDGE marketing specialist will walk you through how to set up and launch your first campaign via the various ways outlined below.

>> Importing of prospect lists, >> Setting up first campaign and event, >> Adding scoring rules, >> Sending out first e-newsletter, >> Setting up first drip campaign; and >> Extracting and understanding your desired metrics

You say you don’t have any content for an e-newsletter or drip campaign? Don’t worry; our marketing specialist will help you find ways to leverage the resources that you already have, while sharing our lead management best practices with you.

Call Us At Any Time

Call or email us with questions at any time! Our marketing specialists work with each customer on a personal level to ensure each customer's specific needs and objectives are met.

We Understand

EDGE is comprised of a group of sales and marketing professionals that understand the importance of lead generation and nurturing, because we’ve worked for companies that did not have these capabilities or processes in place. We understand the pressures that marketing has to produce "sales ready" prospects, get a significant ROI on lead generation campaigns and to do all this with limited resources.

About LSP EDGE LLC Solutions

To find out more on how to purchase EDGE's marketing lead, marketing automation solution, contact us or call 1-678-399-3229.