EDGE is a Marketing firm with a financial and insurance industry focus. We offer an exclusive Prospecting System to:

Insurance agents

Insurance Agents





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Other Professionals

LSP EDGE combines website, a professional profile page, SEO, email marketing, email analytics, social publishing, customer engagement, and social analytics and uses these tools to generate prospects and manage communication for our members.

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Are you passionate about your clients’ success?
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Do you want to focus your time on your clients and save time running your practice?
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If you are professional and strapped for time and looking to step up your game, then give LSP EDGE a try

The LSP EDGE marketing system provides the tools you need to build a brand and an online presence for your firm. Prospects will find you through landing pages, lead capture pages, email marketing and SEM. The prospects you receive are "need" focused not product driven which allows you to do what you do best "Serve" your clients’ needs and provide the right product to help them achieve their goals. The key to building a successful service firm is prospects. Do what you do best and Let EDGE pound the pavement for you. We are confident, as you utilize the LSP EDGE marketing system, you will save money and have the essential tools to assist you in achieving financial success.