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LSP EDGE is a Marketing and Prospect Generation System unlike any other system. We offer Insurance Agents, CPAs, Accountants, Attorneys and other professionals an integrated marketing solution.

We built LSP EDGE from the ground-up as a team-based, business-class technology platform. We think this focus shines through in the consistency, clarity, and cohesiveness of our application. LSP EDGE tools generates prospects and manages direct marketing communications. LSP Edge offers a unique perspective and vision for a marketing firm focusing only on financial, insurance and legal services.
LSP Edge was founded by marketing professionals, experienced financial professionals, attorneys and insurance agents who, quite simply, understand business development priorities.


LSP Edge specializes in helping professionals manage the intricacies of running successful businesses with affordable marketing and technology solutions. We not only bring the usual services to you, such as leading-edge marketing tools and technology, and dedicated service and in addition, we offer a complete array of support services.
LSP EDGE will position, your firm, for growth, while giving you the marketing edge you need to achieve your business objectives.

Save Time and Improve Efficiency

If you're a small business and just getting started with email and social media marketing, then you may feel that low cost tools are sufficient for you business and they certainly are a good place to start. If you're a professional and strapped for time and looking to step up your game, then you need EDGE Marketing. Instead of using hours of time logging on to multiple tools that might seem cost effective, with EDGE Marketing you will have a consistent flow of prospects, an online presence that will make you proud.


Invest in professional tools.

Have you reached the point where you need to expand your capabilities without emptying your bank account? LSP EDGE unified, professional marketing tools is the professional tool you need.


Get concierge customer service 24/7 365 days a year.

Outstanding service is a core principle at LSP EDGE. Give us a call on 1.678.399.3229 and a friendly knowledgeable professional will answer.

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Ruth Goldstein

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